Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a list of frequently asked questions. They have been divided into topics to help you find your question easier. Once you have found the question, click on it and it will take you to the answer text.

What version of software do I have?

Click on Help and then About in the toolbar located on the menu-bar of the program. This will pop up a dialog box with the version number.
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How do I transfer my data to a new computer?

To move your data to a new computer you will need to:

Refer to your Main Menu on-screen ``Help'' under ``Restoring Back-up Data'' for complete instructions on how to restore the data.
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My tax seems to be calculated incorrectly.

If your tax appears to be off by only a penny or two compared with the computer totals, this is completely normal and to be expected. You figure tax based on individual orders and your company figures tax based on the total of all order items together. If the tax difference is more than this, there are a few common problems that you should check for.

From the menu bar, select Options | Edit Personal Info. This will display all your tax options. These options will be used for each new party that you create. You want to set these values up for the most common values for your area.

All of the tax choices from the template can be changed in each individual party. If you hold a party out of state or in a different tax district, you can change the values for that party and it will not affect other parties. It's possible that you could accidentally change a tax value on the Party Set up screen of a particular party without realizing it.

An error in entering the tax values is the most common tax problem. Please check the following two conditions to make sure your tax entries are correct:

If your tax rate was entered incorrectly, you can change it in the "Edit Personal and Tax Information" in the ``Data Base Options''. Any parties that have already been set-up will need to be changed individually in each ``Party Setup Screen''. This is the first screen you see when entering a party.

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The text in the buttons is too big on my Lloyd's Link version previous to 2000.

You are probably running your system in ``Large fonts'' mode. Lloyd's Link versions previous to 2000 only run in ``Small Fonts'' mode. To run your '99 and earlier versions of Lloyd's Link:

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I tried downloading the update and now I can't run the program!

We sure apologize for the problems. Most likely what happened is that you didn't download all of the install file. This is usually because you got logged off from the session if you use AOL, you quit before the download completed, or some other connection error occurred. (Like your kids picked up the phone in the middle of your download :-O )

If you can be a little "nerdly" these instructions will get you through.

The upgrade only partially installed the program file, so you need to restore it from the Master Disk we sent you. Follow these steps. If the update program contains instructions in the help screen, follow those because they might allow you to restore a more recent software version.

This has extracted the program onto your hard drive, but it has the wrong name :-(. You need to rename LLOYDS.EXE to LLOYDS97.EXE. If you are not familiar with how to copy or rename files, the following will work.

You're all done, you should now be able to run the program as usual - although it will be an older version.

If you still want to brave the upgrade, we can e-mail you the upgrade as an attachment. This should work with no problems since the e-mail extraction will tell you if you didn't get all the file.
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What is your technical support number?

Our technical support number is (503) 648-3144. We are available Monday through Friday after 8:30 AM Pacific Time.
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I have a Macintosh computer. Can I run this software?

You can run our software only if you have a Windows emulator on your macintosh. SoftWindows is software that you can run on your Macintosh that allows you to run Windows software. See Insignia Solutions for an example of some of this software.

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How do I enter new or promotional items?

Promotional items are not known to us at the beginning of a season, so you will need to enter the promotional item number, description and price into your database. From the Main Menu, click on ``Database Options''. Then click on ``Add or Edit Catalog Items''. Enter the item number, description and price.

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I have a suggestion for a feature!

We always appreciate the great comments and suggestions that our users have for us. Please e-mail us the suggestion to
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Can I afford to buy this software?

Can you afford not to buy this software? ;-)

We appreciate your concern regarding your costs of doing business. This software is a tool which allows you to be *much* more productive. Most everyone who decides to purchase this software feels it is well worth the expense. Talk to some people who have used it. It can save you hours of time on every party. (You don't get paid extra to do your paperwork.) This results in a larger "commission per hour" that you earn, and more free time. We are often told that sales reps use this time to spend doing more parties because they don't have to spend it on paperwork, thereby increasing their income. The first-time purchase price is about the commission on a $300 party.

It has been noted that you can find great software packages at retail stores for less that this package. That is true for old titles that are discounted, and some mass-marketed titles. Our software is customized directly for YOUR company, and so there is a limited market. Hence development, technical support, printing, and other costs of business get amortized over a much smaller set of people resulting in a larger cost to produce each unit. For a completely customized package with a small market, you are getting quite a bargain! We have recenty dropped the price dramatically to make it even more affordable!
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Do I get a discount for referrals?

Since most of our new orders come from referrals, giving discounts would be difficult for us to handle. We opted, instead, to price our software very competitively for its value!

We do appreciate your customer referrals! We are sure this will result in a positive year for all, as your downline will have a quality software program, they will not be stressed with paperwork and your reports will be more accurate!
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I got promoted! How do I upgrade my program?

Congratulations on your promotion! You will save even more time in managing your group's sales and reports, and calculating contest statistics!

To upgrade from one season to the next, you can order the higher level program at the returning customer price, and add $5. That offsets the $10 difference between the full-price of the two versions.

The year subscription price offers a discount for new or returning customers. If you order a year subscription you need to order one level for both seasons (no split orders). If you order a year subscription as a Consultant and then get promoted to Manager, you can upgrade your year subscription for $13.50. ($10 for the difference in cost and $3.50 handling charge. If you know that you will be promoted in the fall, it is best to order the year subscription for Managers. The cost is close to what it would be if you upgraded later, without the hassle. later.
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What is your policy on refunds and returns?

If you have purchased a disk version and are unsatisfied with your program for any reason, you can uninstall the program and return the disk within 45 days for a full refund. We cannot, however, refund a program if we have emailed you a download code.

If you do have problems with your program, please contact us by e-mail at or on the phone at (503) 648-3144. We can usually fix problems you have with over the phone. We can not fix Microsoft Windows problems, hardware problems, or problems relating to other programs for you.
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How do I install the downloaded update file?

First download the update from our web page. Visit our download page to do so. The file you transfer is an update program. You need to run the update program after you have downloaded it onto your machine to complete the upgrade. To do this:

Sometimes it is a little difficult to figure out all this new Internet stuff. It always takes a little while to learn, but once you do it becomes much more convenient. If you are still having a hard time, send us e-mail to

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I emailed an order in but it hasn't appeared on my comppany's system.

First make sure that you have followed the directions for emailing your order. Creating the electronic file in the software program is only the first step. If that is all you have done, you need to read the instructions in your on screen "Help" to complete the process!

If you have followed all of the instructions and feel that the party file was submitted correctly, possibly your attachment format is not set to MIME standard. If you use Microsoft Outlook Express, you may need to adjust your attachment settings. The message text needs to be set to HTML and the MIME has to be set to "Quoted Printable". If you are using software other than Outlook Express, your attachment format needs to be set to MIME base 64 encoding. If you would like us to check the format, send the attached party to "" and ask us to check it out.

You should have a confirmation within 24 hours after you email your party. If not, check below for instructions.
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My emailed parties are showing up on the system, but I don't receive e-mail confirmation.

If you do not receive confirmations for your e-mail orders from your company, you probably have not entered a complete or correct e-mail address in your software template. Go to the Options pulldown menu at the top of any screen, and select ``Template''. (You can also get there clicking on the "Database Options" button and then the "Edit Personal and Tax Info" button from the Main Menu.) Make sure that the entry for your e-mail address is complete and correct. Make sure there are no misspellings, and that you have entered the domain address! Your e-mail must have the '@' sign! It should look something like If it looks correct, delete it and re-enter, making sure not to add any extra spaces at the beginning or end of the address.

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Can I re-send a party electronically?

If your order was returned in error, you may make the corrections, re-create the electronic file and re-submit the party.

If you don't receive confirmation within 24 hours, you can re-submit the party. However, don't keep re-submitting the same party over and over because you have not received confirmation. If the party is not being received at your company, possibly your attachment is not in the correct format. (You can send it to us at if you'd like us to check the format.)

If you have successfully sent parties electronically in the past and don't believe anything has changed, your company's system is probably down for a time. Re-submitting the same party multiple times will just put a strain on the system when it does come back up. Sending the party multiple times will result in you receiving multiple ORDER ERROR confirmations for duplicate order, when the system goes back up.
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Can I download an update if I received a disk?

Yes. If you ordered the program on a disk, then you can still download updates at any time from our web site. If a mandatory update is required, you will receive a disk from us if you originally selected to receive your program on a disk.
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Do I need a new code to update this year's program?

You do not need a code to download an update program. This is true whether you initially downloaded the program, or if you received the program on a disk.
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Can I e-mail orders for my downline?

If you have a Manager program you can enter the order, create an electronic file, and e-mail the order in for your Consultants (in "Parties for Consultants" mode) just as you do for yourself. Your party 1010 and your Consultant's party 1010 will both create the same file, ORD01010.EXE. Creating an electronic file for a party with the same last four digits as one that has already been created, will overwrite the first one. This is fine as the electronic party file is only used to submit the party in the correct format. It is not needed after submission. The same file can be used for several different parties with the same last four digits. If you have duplicate party numbers ready to submit at the same time, e-mail the first one before creating an electronic file for the next one.
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