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Insurance Education Group History

Insurance Education Group was started by a Texas Property & Casualty Insurance Agent who observed that insurance is a complicated legal agreement which few people understand. On multiple occasions, he had conversations with educated people, both young and old, who had no idea what their insurance covered nor how to tell whether a company was financially sound and provided good service. As a result, he saw many people make poor and uninformed decisions that did not match their needs. This resulted in them either over-paying for insurance coverage, or not getting the coverage they need to insure their most valuable assets.

Determined to make his mark on the world, this agent decided to come up with a way to help people better understand their insurance coverage. His vision was to create a place where people could go to get an unbiased opinion about insurance. He pictured an atmosphere where people could learn for free about insurance, so they could avoid depending on an agent who may be biased toward a specific company. His thought was that an educated consumer can leverage his position and shop his insurance with multiple carriers to find the most appropriate coverage at the best price. In this way, Insurance Education Group was born.

Insurance Education Group has since become a haven where people can go to find the best rates with the confidence of knowing they aren't sacrificing coverage or service.

Mission Statement

To provide consumers all over the nation with the opportunity to educate themselves on Property & Casualty Insurance. With this knowledge, to then help these consumers save time and money through giving them the opportunity to shop their insurance with the best companies in the nation.

Insurance Education Group's Goal

To have every insurance policy holder visit this site, learn the essentials about insurance, and shop their insurance to find the best fit for their needs.

Invitation to Share

We would love to hear any comments that you may have about how our site helped you learn more about insurance coverage, or even just helped you find a better deal! Feel free to send us an email below.


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