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Purchase Insurance With Confidence
  • Do you know what your insurance covers?
  • Do you know how financially secure your insurance company is?
  • Do you wonder if you could get the same or better coverage at a better price?

If you have ever had these or similar questions, you are not alone. Millions of people each year wonder what their insurance covers and if they are getting a reasonable price. And until your questions are answered, you will always wonder what you are really covered for and whether or not you could be getting a cheaper premium.

This site is dedicated to helping you understand what your current insurance policy covers. With the knowledge of what your current coverage is and what types of coverage are available to you, you will be better equipped to make well-informed decisions about insurance. We specialize in helping you understand all the essentials about Home and Auto Insurance.

Once you are strongly backed with the knowledge you need, you can utilize this site to shop your insurance to find the coverage you are looking for at the price you need. By filling out an online quote, you are allowing all the top-rated insurance carriers in the nation to compete for your business. Ready to let the market start working for you? Click here to start your quote now!

Following are some of the nation's top insurance companies we quote to make sure you get the best prices and quality possible:

Insurance Solutions
When looking for insurance, there are three important elements you need to evaluate

  1. Price
  2. Coverage
  3. Service

Price. With the economy the way it is, money is on everyone's mind. The premium you pay for insurance should play a key role in which company you choose to insure with. No amount of coverage or service can compensate for a grossly overpriced product.

Coverage. The point of having insurance in the first place is to cover you in the unfortunate circumstance when something happens to one of your most valued possessions or assets. Even if your insurance premium is just $1 a year, you are throwing your money away if it doesn't effectively cover you. The educated consumer will find the right balance between price and coverage.

Service. The most common complaint about insurance is not about the coverage being insufficient, nor is it the price being too high. The main cause of all insurance grief arises when people are not well taken care of when they file a claim. It is important to know the track record of your insurance company and to know that you will get your needs met when that time inevitably comes.

At Insurance Education Group, it is our recommendation that before deciding on an insurance company, all three elements should be evaluated. Through this site, you will be able to discover the coverage you desire and shop for the price you want. Once you have found a carrier that looks good, you can email us to get a professional opinion about the service quality of the company. Oftentimes, a little research on your end will give you the confidence you need to make a change in insurance. So what are you waiting for? Click here to save money on your insurance today!